What we do

We provide various day to day office supplies, paper products, books, various exercise notebooks, sports kits and balls. We procure foreign books and provide them to diffrent colleges and students.

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For Educational Institutes or Librarians

We accept bulk order and provide diffrent books to libraries or various other educational institutes. Feel free to

Below are some general terms and conditions we follow during large requests.

  1. A general contract is needed to be signed between the two parties.
  2. An estimate will be drawn first to give and idea on the total cost. **Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  3. Minimum of 1 month head start must be givin for International books procurement.
  4. Some amount of total cost must be paid in advance.
  5. Payment must be made with a week after goods are delivered.
  6. Payment will be made directly to Ramesh Book Depot via online payment, net banking or bank deposit
  7. Dilivery charges will always be extra and need to be paid at the end of contract.
Please note that we only start the process of books procurement after contract is signed.

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For Students

We also accept orders from students or any other customers. Just provide us the details and we will be there to help you.

When you contact us to place an order make sure you provide all the required details. Books name and autor are must for any book order. Publisher's name will be of extra help. Also it takes us about a month for foreign books to deliver, keep that into account while placing an order.


We also provide various other office items, stationeries, sports and recreational goods. Feel free to visit us

Various goods available with us.