About the Company

Ramesh Book Depot was set up in 2001, by Raj Singh Sangwan, initially at Bhanu Chowk, where the Dharan Clock Tower currently resides. After the construction of Clock Tower, it shifted its operations to Gita Mandir, Dharan. At first, it was a simple book shop dealing in local books only.

After a few years, we expanded our business and started to procure International books for foreign countries. We acquired an import export license and now procure books from various parts of the world. We now deal in books, office supplies, sports and various goods that every other educational organisation needs. We provide our services at competetive rates.

What we do

We provide various day to day office supplies, paper products, books, various exercise notebooks, sports kits and balls. We procure foreign books and provide them to diffrent colleges and students.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower every student and every educational organisation in this country to achieve easy and cost effective supply of educational materials, be it books, pencils or any other items.

Our Employees

All our employees are well trained and help us in providing a great customer experience. Fueled by their ingenuity, creativity, and passion, they have made a positive impact in the customer experience. Visit us and ask for any queries, they will be there to help you.